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For the rapid establishment of a new company

Step into self-employment with shelf company

The establishment of a new company represents the first step towards self-employment. However, at the same time it represents a lot of effort, as the registration of a company involves many formalities such as a notary appointment. Therefore, motivated founders who want to start immediately and conquer the market with their ideas should think about the option of purchasing a so-called shelf company. This complete package spares you the often complicated registration of your new business and serves you the entry to the market on a silver platter. 

What is a shelf company? 

With the acquisition of a shelf company, you are buying an established partnership or trading company. It is already fully registered, but never traded or conducted business before. Thus, essential factors such as turnovers and profits are still missing from this company. Therefore, they are frequently referred to as “shell society”. Shelf companies offer you a stable basic framework with the best prerequisites for successfully entering the market. After registration, such a company is transferred to the corresponding buyer. Then, the buyer only has to take care of insurances regarding the shared capital and, for example, information on the registered office or management. In most cases, the business can be launched on the day after the purchase. 

Our services: limited liability and  entrepreneurial company

We offer shelf companies in the form of limited liability companies as well as limited liability entrepreneurial companies in combination with a corresponding registered office. Each legal form has individual characteristics, which you should know before buying a company. This helps you find the right shell company for your purpose. 

What is a limited liability company? 

This type of company is limited to the registered share capital. Thus, the private assets of the people involved are not affected, which ensures lower liability risks. The equity capital must be at least 25,000 euros in order to establish a company. One or more person/s can be registered as management. The inclusion of shareholders who hold a certain business share is possible, as is the management of a so-called “one-man company”, in which one person owns 100 percent of the company.

What is a limited liability entrepreneurial company?

An entrepreneurial company is a special form of the limited liability company. As it can be founded with a much smaller share capital (at least 1 euro) it is popularly known as a mini limited liability company. However, the liability regarding the capital as well as the regulations regarding the tax are similar to a classic limited liability company. In contrast to the latter, however, there is a reserve requirement that is due annually. This means that a total of 25 percent of the collected surplus must be stored for the next year's reserve, whereupon it may be used, to increase capital. In terms of the managements' occupation, one or more person/s can be registered, as in the case of a limited liability company.


These are the advantages of a limited liability company:

  • The formation phase (usually six to eight weeks) is skipped. 
  • Low tax rates apply to the profits of a corporation. 
  • Acquisition of a fully registered GmbH including paid-up minimum share capital of 25,000 euros. 

These are the advantages of a shelf entrepreneurial company:

  • The liability of the entrepreneurial companies is limited to the share capital of one euro.
  • In contrast to the limited liability company, there is no high share capital that must be raised.
  • In comparison to the English Limited, no reporting obligations need to be fulfilled in England, which are additionally connected with running costs.
  • The managing director is an employee of his entrepreneurial company and is essentially free to set his own salary and subject to other requirements.
  • Retained profits are taxed at the favorable tax rates for corporations (e.g., 15% corporate income tax).

Our prices

There are respectively different prices for the purchase of limited liability and entrepreneurial companies. In both cases, the companies are already registered in the Munich Commercial Register after an appraisal by a notary public. The fixed share capital (for entrepreneurial companies it is 1 euro, for limited liability companies 25,000 euros) including the tax number is available in a bank account with the purchase of the shelf company. Furthermore, including the integrated registered office, the purchase price of the companies amounts to the following: 


  • Limited liability company: 27,500 euros plus 1,188 euros for the registered office. 
  • Total: 28,688 euros 


  • Entrepreneurial company: 1,250 euros plus 1,188 euros for the registered office.
  • Total: 2,438 euros


Would you like to establish a company? Are you considering the purchase of a shelf company? Or would you like further advice and are interested in another service we offer? You can reach us by phone (089 / 21 55 43 690), e-mail ( or contact form. We are happy to help you! 


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