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Are you looking for a distinguished business address for your company, branch, institution or new business? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Our benefits at a glance

How you can benefit from Mailboxnow services

Full customer service

At Mailboxnow, comprehensive customer service is par for the course. You can reach us via live chat 24 hours a day.

Expert knowledge since 2003

As old hands in the industry, we’ve been working with a wide range of companies since 2003, so we know exactly what’s needed.

Top locations with customer parking

We offer central addresses in Munich & Berlin with good connections and sufficient customer parking right outside the door.

Lightening fast processing

We process orders in record time so you can use our addresses and other services as quickly as possible.
Rent a Addresse in Munich, Berlin or Hamburg


No matter where you are, we’ll send your post worldwide to your preferred address whenever you want!
Rent a Conference room

Conference room

Conference room / work space / coworking space
We look forward to welcoming you to our office!
shelf company

shelf company


Acquisition of a shelf company
Purchase of shelf UG or shelf GmbH.


Are you looking for a distinguished business address for your company, branch, institution or new business?

Or maybe you’re tasked with founding a GmbH equivalent for an English limited company and need a company headquarters?

Do you need offices and conference rooms by the hour or a professional telephone service to ensure your availability?

Whatever you need, you’re always in good hands with us.

We offer you a reputable postal address, services and space to use discretely and reliably for all your business needs. A business address in Munich or Berlin shows your customers trustworthy transparency, even if your business is actually based abroad.

Our services don’t just include the correct forwarding of your post, but also the convenient benefits of a virtual office. We’re happy to scan any business documents posted to you or send them via email. You can book postal forwarding or virtual office services individually to suit your needs. You can define the required intervals, daily or weekly, yourself.

Are you worried about a well-known collective address that could damage the good reputation of your branch, new business, GmbH or limited company? No worries! Our more than 10 years of experience are based on the promise to never sell mass addresses to our customers.

We know the business address market very well and would like to help - not hinder - companies by providing a postal address. We know that reputation and quality are essential to a branch or a new business venture. So we live up to this.
Hourly use of a work station or conference room as well as the provision of a competent
telephone service are also part of our competent service portfolio. Benefit from our
professionalism, as this positively impacts your image and possibly also your turnover. We would be happy to come up with a great-value offer to suit your preferences. Contact us for a great-value offer or simply place a direct order for your postal address or an office service.
It’s worth it.


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